More Than Just 4 Meetings

 What you get:

(It’s more than just 4 meetings)

  • TWO Seats at the quarterly roundtable per member company + occasional guest at (Bring leaders from other departments, your CFO, your CEO – expose others to the value and impact sustainability has on your company), AND
  • Direct and in-person dialog with International/ national/ regional experts and leaders; AND
  • SIX Virtual Sessions – accountability, quick brainstorming, occasional virtual topic expert; AND
  • Annual Joint-Roundtable Session; AND
  • LOCAL professional contacts, connections, and relationships, AND
  • LOCAL collaboration partners, AND
  • MSR Resource Repository of shared resources, archive of best practices and the local leaders who implemented them; AND
  • Development of a Byproduct Synergy Database;  AND
  • Benchmarking, whitepapers, and more workproducts;  AND . . .

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