Member Resources

Membership is More Than Just Four Meetings.

Members of the roundtable collaborate to share ideas and best practices.  They come together to brainstorm, collaborate, and find solutions to complex, system-wide challenges that they and their individual companies may not be able to do on their own.

Best Practices Repository and access to the local leaders who have implemented them. 

Research Repository:  Whitepapers and shared research on topics that matter to members.  LED lighting research, Near Zero Waste, employee engagement, talking to CFOs, metrics, shared value, etc.

Sustainability/CSR Leader Contact List:  Through the research and ongoing development of the roundtable, the roundtable has created the most comprehensive list of sustainability/CSR leaders of the region.  This active and current contact list of the region’s leaders enables members to easily find regional collaborators.

ByProduct Synergy Database:  One of the goals of the roundtable  is to develop a byproduct synergy database to keep waste out of landfill; find new life or extend the life of a material; and create jobs in the process.

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