Member Ground Rules/ Responsibilities

Member Ground Rules/ Responsibilities:

  • Membership: No competitors within groups (exceptions to this rule to be made by the existing member)
  • Solicitation: Active solicitation of services by members of other members is discouraged. That being said, business alliances and collaboration are expected and encouraged.
  • Preparation: Be prepared by reading material before meeting and having ideas to discuss.
  • Participation: Discussion is expected and valued. Conversation should be balanced amongst members.
  • Attendance: Attendance is essential, valued, and expected. If senior leader is not able to attend, a prepared replacement representative should be sent in their stead.
    • In-Person Quarterly Meeting
    • 15-50 min conference calls on in-between months
    • Semi-Annual Regional Resource Fair and Multi-Roundtable gatherings
  • Guests: 1 per meeting per member with RSVP; Host Company up to 3 (unlimited during presentation)
  • Hosting: Meetings will be hosted by companies within the forum (approximately once every 2 years)
  • Host Company Responsibilities: meeting space, overview/tour of the company, provide refreshments & food (MSR can assist in coordination), and are responsible for own privacy/data disclosure/security
  • Confidentiality:
    • Information shared during meetings shall remain confidential, unless authorized.
    • Member resources and data shared on a private website will not be distributed without permission.
    • Benchmark data will only be shared in summarized and aggregated form with outside world.
    • Member contact list is not to be distributed.

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