The Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtablesm is a member-based organization. Memberships are by company.  TWO seats at the table are included with the membership plus the ability to bring an occasional guest.  Each member company is actively pursuing  sustainability and/or corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Each Roundtable consist of 7-12 member companies in non-competing industries (unless approved by existing members). The companies are grouped with related business size and scope companies.   Pricing is based on corporate annual sales (please contact us).

Member Benefits:

  • A local forum to regularly interact, engage, and benchmark with peers within global companies HQ in the region without having to lose 3 days for travel or even getting on a plane.
  • A space to dive deep into relevant-to-you sustainability topics, explore collaborations, discuss ideas, share best practices, hash out challenges, learn new tools, and strengthen your sustainability program.
  • Local Roundtables: Quarterly, in-person, half-day working breakfast symposiums hosted at member company locations.
    • Guest expert speaker on relevant topics chosen by the group.
    • Facilitated roundtable discussions with peers on current issues and/or topic of the day.
    • Host company tour and/or presentation.
  • Multiple-Roundtable Gathering & Regional Resource Fair:  1-2 annual meeting with all roundtables connecting them to regional resources: city/county sustainability leaders, major utilities, major non-profits/NGOs that the group desires to meet, engage,  or influence.
  • Teleconferences (15-50 minute):   6-8 short virtual meetings on non-in-person-roundtable months to provide continuity, create accountability with other members, check in on projects, and share newly discovered resources.
  • Work Products (additional tangible outcomes and benefits):
    • Formal Benchmarking of member companies (aggregated comparisons to peers – energy, waste, water, GHG, and KPIs important to member companies). Findings only available to members.
    • Build a circular-waste/resource exchange/by-product synergy database in collaboration with the City of Milwaukee
    • Meeting write-ups: transcription/summary of speaker and Q&A; key resources; key findings.
    • Whitepapers and/or press releases of signature findings from topical meetings.
    • Mentorship opportunities available with smaller companies ($1M-$1B) within sister roundtables
  • Member-Only website:
    • MSR work products
    • Resource repository of member shared resources:  models, documents, research,  whitepapers.
    • Contact list for all regional sustainability leaders

General Member Ground Rules/ Responsibilities:

  • Membership: No competitors within groups (exceptions to this rule to be made by the existing member)
  • Solicitation: Active solicitation of services by members of other members is discouraged.  That being said, business alliances and collaboration are expected and encouraged.
  • Preparation: Members will be prepared having read material before meeting and have ideas to discuss.
  • Hosting: Member companies will host the roundtable at their facilities once every 2 years.
  • Confidentiality

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