Preparing sustainability leaders and their companies for the new risks and realities of the new economy

Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable provides a local forum for global companies to participate and learn from each other in facilitated conversations on important, strategic business issues in sustainability and corporate social responsibility(CSR). Member leaders engage the full spectrum of CSR and sustainability topics, frequently moving the conversation beyond energy and environmental sustainability to address the issues of the new economy:

  • new realities of resource scarcity,
  • opportunities in product development,
  • the rise of the circular economy,
  • supply chain sustainability,
  • employee engagement,
  • transparency and communications.

Our Purpose:

  • Problem solve and create new value by bringing together strategic corporate thought leaders within a region.
  • Identify potential opportunities and challenges associated with resource scarcity,  future regulations, and global reporting.
  • Strategize on key business opportunities and challenges associated with issues of risk mitigation, workforce development, and product innovation and development.
  • Confidentially engage, explore, and learn from each other and industry leaders/subject matter experts by sharing, experiences, challenges, resources, and opportunities related to global topics in sustainability/CSR.
  • Foster regional collaboration through facilitated conversations sparked by engaging conversation starters.
  • Maximize sustainability impact and understanding through facilitated discussions with key business stakeholders (i.e. human resources, finance, supply chain) who are not typically part of the corporate sustainability team around global sustainability issues. The format for the sustainability roundtable was designed to maximize company participation (TWO employees are able to attend along with an occasional guest) and to further foster employee professional development.

Our Vision – To Be:

  • nexus for sustainable business leadership in the greater Milwaukee metro business region.
  • A community of practice for sustainability leaders for growth, discovery, and enrichment.
  • A resource for collaboration, new ideas, smart business practices, and opportunities and concerns.
  • Strengthening sustainability programs and their results within member companies.
  • Building sustainability into the fabric of business operations throughout the metro region.

Inaugural Roundtable held in February 2014

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Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable is a tradename of Sustainability Roundtables LLC, a Wisconsin Limited Liability Company.

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