Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable

Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtablesm  brings the Milwaukee region’s corporate sustainability and social responsibility (CSR) leaders together into dialogue, discovery, and collaboration.  We are member-based organization of sustainability/ CSR business professionals from firms in the greater Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin business community. We hold quarterly, 1/2-day roundtable discussions with peers and industry experts. The purpose of the organization is to create a community where local sustainability leaders can focus on issues and topics that matter to them; share ideas across industries; benchmark with each other; find opportunities for collaboration; bridge sustainability connections with the regions supply chain; grow their company initiatives and bottom lines; serve the greater Milwaukee business community.

Did you know that in the past five years nearly every one of the top 40 companies headquartered in the in the Milwaukee metro region now has sustainability/CSR program and leader?  How many of these leaders do you know.  Most only know 2.

Did you know the majority of our supply chains are manufacturers and suppliers within the business region? And, as each of our companies push sustainability upstream, we burden our suppliers in both time and money and thereby our costs because we haven’t come together to create common standards?

Did you know that the best source for innovation and best practices occur when peers join together in in-person conversations?

Imagine now a forum where local sustainability leaders and their teams can regularly meet with their local peers, learn from experts on challenging issues and upcoming trends, and explore opportunities for collaboration to create new business for each other and grow the Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin business community.

Imagine a forum where regional companies can come together on the neutral playing field of sustainability, to explore opportunities for collaboration on supply chain and waste initiatives, stimulate new job growth, and innovate for new business.

Imagine a forum whose purpose is to create win-win-win scenarios for the entire business community.

That forum is the Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable.  We have created a place where the Milwaukee region’s corporate sustainability leaders can gather together in regular dialogue, discovery, and collaboration to create opportunities for business growth, job creation, innovation, and strong  regional business relationships.

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